A Piece of History Preserved

The earlier production of weaved wicker beach chairs, with a higher back and wrap around sides, goes as far back as to the end of the 16th century and has its origins within the European basket-weaving craft. In 1882 the Rostock court basket weaver master Wilhelm Bartelmann created the first wicker beach chair and is credited with being its inventor. Wicker beach chairs are found at just about every vacation resort and beach aroundthe North and Baltic Sea and can be rented out from spring to fall. The wicker beach chair is still an iconic symbol of German relaxation which has optically remained the same through two world wars as well as through social and industrial revolutions and even stood the test of time during Germany’s division into east and west.


Today One of our best sellers – the blue white striped Strandkorb – had a starring in a Hollywood Movie! It was used in the film THE LAUNDROMAT in 2019.