Buy Back Program

You are already a proud owner of a Strandkorb, but after a few years of use you think it is time for a new one or simply time for an upgrade. Don’t just toss your old Strandkorb away. After serving you for a long time, it deserves a retirement!

We want your used Strandkorb! Depending on condition, we pay up to $500 for your used Beach Chair when you buy a new, assembled one from us.

Here is how it works – simple as 1-2-3:
1. Select a new Strandkorb online or call us at 916- 273- 6029. If you decide to buy an Economy Strandkorb, make sure you select the fully assembled version.
2. At checkout, leave an order note telling us that you want to trade in your old Strandkorb OR call us after you placed your order OR send us an email.
3. On the delivery date, we will inspect your used Strandkorb and determine it’s trade-in value. If you agree to the evaluation, we will pay you CASH for your retired Strandkorb.

What happens to your retired Strandkorb?
It all depends on the condition it is in. If it is in fairly good shape, we will refurbish it and it will have a chance for a 2nd(or even 3rd) life. If the condition is not good enough for finding your old Strandkorb a new forever home, we will disassemble it and use it for spare parts. In the rare event that your old fellow Strandkorb does not have any useable parts anymore, we will properly recycle it for you.