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Below is a list of questions we frequently get ask just before someone decides to buy. We hope it helps you get your very own Strandkorb!

Can I put My Strandkorb Under Trees?

Surely you can put them under trees. To remove leaves and loose debris, just blow it off with a leaf blower or sweep it off with a broom. However, if the tree is known for dripping tree resin, we recommend not to place your Strandkorb under that tree.


What happens to them over time? Can you show me?

Depending on weather and the model you choose (Economy, Premium or Commercial grade) there is no simple answer to that question. The commercial grade Strandkorb is built to withstand most weather conditions with minimum care and protection but will last a long time before you may have to replace any parts. They may last up to 5 years with being heavily used. On the other hand, taking good care of a Premium Strandkorb will pretty much extend its lifetime to 25+ years. There will be normal wear and tear over time, but the basic structure is built to last. Our Economy Strandkorb has a lifetime of approximately 6+ years – all depending on care, weather and usage.


What breaks down when they start getting wear and tear?

The cushions and pillows are most likely to first show signs of wear and tear. Over time, the cushions may get soft and the fabric may get torn. We sell replacement parts for all of our Strandkorb Models. We know accidents happen, so don’t worry if you spill a glass of wine while stargazing – we got you covered and you can order replacement cushions and pillows. The outer weaving is subject to deterioration due to sunlight, depending on location this process will take anywhere from 5 to 25 years. We highly recommend covering the Strandkorb whenever it is not being used for a longer period of time.


Are they easy to move or should they stay in place?

The weight of our Strandkorb Models range from about 120lbs to more than 400lbs – they are built to be heavy to withstand high winds. This makes them somewhat hard to move. However, for pool areas, decks, patios or any other hard surface, we offer a wheel set/ option. That makes it really easy to move your Strandkorb around. If you want to move it on any soft surface, there are handles on each side and it could be moved with 2 people.


What are the dimensions of a Strandkorb?

Depending on the Strandkorb model you choose, there are various size options available. Please check out the product details pages of each model for specific size information. The most common size across the different models is the 2 seater, which has an average seat width of about 50+ inches and comfortably seats 2 adults.


Do they lay back?

All Strandkorb Models are able to recline to a comfortable lying position. You can enjoy privacy while taking a sunbath and being protected from chilling winds during a clear night of stargazing.


Do they close?

A Strandkorb does not fully close or fold down. Usually there are 4+ positions of the upper, moveable part. Upright, tilted and lying position.


Where do they ship from? How long does it take? Is shipping expensive?

Our Strandkorb models are shipped from our warehouse location in Clarkesville, GA. The Economy Strandkorb with self assembly will be shipped using UPS ground and takes approximately 3-7 business days to arrive. UPS shipping is currently $99. All other Strandkorb Models will be delivered using either freight service or we will deliver them on one of our nation wide delivery tours. Please check our website for dates and tours available. However, our Premium Strandkorb is CUSTOM Made To Order, it may take up to 3 months to receive your Strandkorb. Shipping/ delivery and taxes is included in our Premium and commercial grade Strandkorb models. There are no hidden costs or fees.


Do you offer delivery and set up services?

Our Premium and Commercial Strandkorb will be delivered fully assembled. For the Economy Strandkorb we offer optional assembly and delivery service.


Is assembly required?

There is no assembly required for the Premium and Commercial Strandkorb. The Economy Strandkorb will be delivered in 2 or 3 boxes and needs assembly. The building process needs 2 people and takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on your skills. There are detailed assembly instructions sent along with the Strandkorb and you can also watch our video tutorial.


What happens when they get wet? Moist?

The Commercial Strandkorb is water repellent and if it gets wet, you can easily wipe off any excess water with a rug or towel. Our Premium and Economy model have non water resistant fabric and it may take them a while to dry out after they get wet. Whenever there is a long period or heavy rain expected, we recommend to cover the Strandkorb.


Are they only allowed outdoors or can I use them inside?

There is no limitation where to use a Strandkorb Wicker Cabana – the possibilities are endless: On the beach, near a campfire, in your backyard to stargaze, cozy corner in your living room, on the front porch of your cabin, in your bedroom – everything is possible.


What are these chairs called?

The traditional German name is Strandkorb, which literally translates to Beach Basket. The best logical translation would be Wicker Cabana. However, Strandkorb is now a brand name in the United States and best reflect the name of the product.


Is Strandkorb LLC the only seller of wicker cabanas?

Our family owned company has specialized in importing the German Style Wicker Cabana since 2014. We have exclusive contracts with the 3 largest manufacturers in the world and currently are the only company who imports the Original Strandkorb to the US. We are planning to set up a manufacturing facility here in the US in 2025 to create more jobs and offer a Made in USA model. There are a handful of other small companies trying to sell a wicker beach chair in the US, but they are not affiliated to us and they don’t offer the Original Strandkorb.


Is there any warranty?

We are confident in our products and offer a 2 year limited warranty on our Premium and Commercial Strandkorb. The Economy Strandkorb is covered by a 6 month limited warranty.


What accessories are recommended with my Strandkorb?

There are several accessories available and we are adding more over time. For example you can buy bottle holders, champagne buckets, wheel sets and beach umbrellas.
However, the most useful and recommended Strandkorb accessory is the cover to protect your Wicker Cabana whenever it is not in use. This will significantly increase the lifetime of your Strandkorb and you will enjoy it for years to come.


How do I clean my Strandkorb Outdoor Wicker Cabana?

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