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Start your own Strandkorb rental business

Do you want to make a living at the beach, and work where other people go for vacation? Or do you already have a beach rental business? Partner up with us and set yourself apart from the average sunbed-plus-umbrella crowd.

A lot of customers are looking for a more classy and more comfortable option to relax at the beach. The Strandkorb is cozy, inviting, and guaranteed to stand out with eye-catching cushioned seating, retractable footrests and side tables, a wind-resistant outer shell and a built-in awning. They can even come with solar powered, built-in USB ports for charging mobile devices.

Existing rental businesses are welcome to add any number of our Pro Strandkorb, the sturdier and more weather-resistant version, to their portfolio. New businesses can receive a starter kit from us, including any number of Strandkorb, accessories such as umbrellas or bottle holders, a shed to set up a small kiosk and other marketing material. We will also offer assistance with maintenance, repair and cleaning of the chairs.

With a suggested pricing between $30 and $80 (up to you, really) for a daily rental, your investment can pay off rather quickly. Most beach regions in the US have well over a 100 days of beach weather per year, some even more. And even on those not-quite perfect days, or in the colder seasons, the Strandkorb provides better protection from the elements and lets your customers snuggle up.

The wicker beach chair has been a staple in the beach resorts of Germany for over a century – and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a success on the beautiful American beaches as well.

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