Become a Retailer

We are growing, and you can be part of it. In order to constantly expand our network, we are always looking for new partners in retail. If you have a store or retail business and are looking for some appealing additions to your range of products, or if you want to start a whole new enterprise and open up your very own store – becoming an official Strandkorb retail partner is a great option for you.

Strandkorb retailers will receive:

  • Access to all of our products for prices and conditions that leave enough room for you to make a good margin.
  • referrals of potential customers and orders from our online shop
    territorial protection for your region (for retailers with a sufficient quantity of orders)
  • access to our logistics network for shipments and deliveries
  • permission to use exclusive Strandkorb trademark
  • usage rights of our video material

Being a Strandkorb retailer also gives you additional revenue possibilities e.g. by offering assembly services to customers or by selling Strandkorb accessories such as protective covers, bottle holders, umbrellas and more.

Retailers have the freedom to adjust prices of the Strandkorb and all accessories (excluded are sales through the online shop which come at fixed prices but are also subject to changes).

The Strandkorb Brand and our marketing presence will provide exposure for the products, but retailers are also free to create and execute their own marketing and sales campaigns that suit each individual style and local market.

A lot of customers from our shop want to skip the delivery process and buy their Strandkorb locally – we’ll send them your way. Some examples of existing business that could add the Strandkorb as a side business include: Pool Service Companies, Furniture stores, garden centers, home goods stores, beach supplies stores and many more.

For more information please contact us at (916) 273 6029 or use our contact form.