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Do you want your guests to feel like royalty? We have the perfect throne. Our wicker beach chairs will add a sense of luxury and comfort to your business while also inviting your customers to relax and enjoy a good time. Whether it’s a pool deck, an outdoor dining area, a hotel lobby or clubhouse, a spa, a beer garden, or, obviously, a beach – nothing will provide a better upgrade than our cozy yet sturdy outdoor furniture. These beautifully crafted wicker chairs have stood the test of time in the historic beach resorts of Northern Germany and are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., proving that you don’t need a beach in order to get that beach feeling.

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If you have a store or retail business and are looking some attractive pieces to your range of products, or if you want to start a whole new enterprise and open up your very own store – becoming an official Strandkorb™ retail partner is a great option for you.

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If you have been to a beach in Germany, you’ve seen them: The Strandkorb, a staple on the North and Baltic Sea coasts for over a century. is finally bringing this German classic to American beaches and homes.

This is the commercial grade version of the Strandkorb, perfect to fit any outdoor setting. It was built in Indonesia with durable Mahogani wood from sustainable forestry. It features water resistant cushioning, retractable foot rests and side table, and even a built-in solar panel with usb outlets to charge mobile devices. 

Whether on the beach or in your garden, on your patio or pool deck: The cozy Strandkorb will let you relax and sunbathe in style.

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