About Us

Strandkorb LLC is a family owned company found in 2022, but our mission to bring the Strandkorb to the US started much sooner. After establishing Germanshop24, the leading online shop specialized in shipping unique German products to customers in America, we added the Strandkorb to the shop’s selection in 2014 and sold over 500 units in the following years. In 2022, we decided to expand the Strandkorb business and founded its own company.

We are the leading importer for the Strandkorb in North America, with a large stock in the US as well as a number of retail partners across the country.  Our products are carefully sourced from manufacturers and suppliers in Germany and Asia and we are currently working on expanding our production in the US as well. Our goal is to introduce the Strandkorb to the general American public and establish it as a popular outdoor furniture item for American homes, businesses, and public places.