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The German Wicker Cabana

Strandkorb Wicker Cabana

Strandkorb Wicker Cabana

Strandkorb LLC is the leading provider for the Original Strandkorb™ in North America. Traditionally a beach chair from Northern Germany, the Strandkorb has evolved into a modern and elegant piece of outdoor furniture, suited for residential use (backyards, patios, poolside etc.) as well as business (hotels, restaurants, beach rentals etc.).
We have been importing the Strandkorb™ since 2014 and are offering a large variety of styles, ranging from the classic beach style to our modern looking premium models. Our options fit any budget from Economy to High End, so get your unique piece of outdoor relaxation from us!

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A Piece of History Preserved

A Piece of History Preserved

The earlier production of weaved wicker beach chairs, with a higher back and wrap around sides, goes as far back as to the end of the 16th century and has its origins within the European basket-weaving craft. Wicker beach chairs are found at just about every vacation resort and beach around the North and Baltic Sea and can be rented out from spring to fall. The wicker beach chair is still an iconic symbol of German relaxation which has optically remained the same through two world wars as well as through social and industrial revolutions and even stood the test of time during Germany’s division into east and west.

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All Strandkorb Models are able to recline to a comfortable lying position. You can enjoy privacy while taking a sunbath and being protected from chilling winds during a clear night of stargazing.

A Strandkorb does not fully close or fold down. Usually there are 4+ positions of the upper, moveable part. Upright, tilted and lying position.

There is no assembly required for the Premium and Commercial Strandkorb. The Economy Strandkorb will be delivered in 2 or 3 boxes and needs assembly. The building process needs 2 people and takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on your skills. There are detailed assembly instructions sent along with the Strandkorb and you can also watch our video tutorial.

The traditional German name is Strandkorb, which literally translates to Beach Basket. The best logical translation would be Wicker Cabana. However, Strandkorb is now a brand name in the United States and best reflect the name of the product.

Our family owned company has specialized in importing the German Style Wicker Cabana since 2014. We have exclusive contracts with the 3 largest manufacturers in the world and currently are the only company who imports the Original Strandkorb to the US. We are planning to set up a manufacturing facility here in the US in 2025 to create more jobs and offer a Made in USA model. There are a handful of other small companies trying to sell a wicker beach chair in the US, but they are not affiliated to us and they don’t offer the Original Strandkorb.

We are confident in our products and offer a 2 year limited warranty on our Premium and Commercial Strandkorb. The Economy Strandkorb is covered by a 6 month limited warranty.

There are several accessories available and we are adding more over time. For example you can buy bottle holders, champagne buckets, wheel sets and beach umbrellas.
However, the most useful and recommended Strandkorb accessory is the cover to protect your Wicker Cabana whenever it is not in use. This will significantly increase the lifetime of your Strandkorb and you will enjoy it for years to come.

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